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Fall Seasonal Basket
Product No: 49236
Supplier Code: BMB1067
Designer/Artist: Buttermilk Basin

Our Price: $ 9.00

17in x 11in

Ships within 14 days.
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Flared Top Baskets
Product No: 39307
Supplier Code: ATB142
Designer/Artist: Around the Bobbin

Our Price: $ 9.50

Sometimes a basket is just as much about decorating as organizing. Why not reduce the clutter with beautiful Flared Top Baskets you are proud to display around the house? For the baby’s room, you can store diapers, pacifiers, baby toys, washcloths, onesies and more in the size that fits items best. Older kids can put their phones and other digital devices in a basket. Create a centerpiece for your table at holiday time. Why not put that knitting in a beautiful basket for others to see when your fingers aren’t busy with it? Video games and remotes by the TV in another basket! And so much more the ideas are endless.
Sizes: Large 7in H x 10-1/2in W x 6-1/2 W at base
Medium 4-3/4in H x 8in W x 5-1/4in W at base
Small 4in H x 6in W x 4in W at base.

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 29638
Supplier Code: 07721
Designer/Artist: Brookshier Design Studio

Our Price: $ 9.00

Curl up with a good book and a Floribunda quilt. Perfect on a wicker settee or porch swing, this quilt is blooming with roses, lilacs and hydrangea petals. Pieced baskets filled with flowers are surrounded by large alternate blocks perfect for fancy hand or machine quilting. Choose a favorite floral fabric to create a quilt complementing your decor. 58" square wall or lap quilt .

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 15424
Supplier Code: QES115
Designer/Artist: Quilted Escapes

Our Price: $ 11.95

This is a fun and easy pattern with a twist. Using raw edge floral appliqué and quilt as you go, this quilt is quick and when you're done you're done! Finished size: 49" x 66" Designed by Susan Jensen

Ships in 7-14 days.
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Flower Box
Product No: 28499
Supplier Code: LBQ0352
Designer/Artist: Laundry Basket Quilts

Our Price: $ 20.00

Traditional Quilt Pattern
71in x 71in

Ships within 14 days
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Flower Show
Product No: 42040
Supplier Code: LSPW012
Designer/Artist: Lone Star Pattern Works

Our Price: $ 40.00

70” x 70” • Designed as a block-of-the-month, Flower Show features a stunning combination of cotton batiks for the background, baskets, and border. Beautiful wool provides rich texture for all the flowers, while the details are added by hand embroidery.

Ships within 14 days.
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Flowering Stripes
Product No: 42242
Supplier Code: ATN514
Designer/Artist: All Through the Night

Our Price: $ 6.00

Flowering Stripes: 75" X 80" • Flowering Basket: 28" X 28"

Ships within 14 days.
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Focus On Creativity Fabric Container
Product No: 27381
Supplier Code: STG0069
Designer/Artist: Sweet Tea Girls Patterns

Our Price: $ 10.00

Coiling is an ancient art form found in many cultures ranging from American Indian, African, Egyptian as well as many other areas of the world. Now, with the use of the sewing machine, the technique has been updated with a contemporary flair.
With a selection of fabrics and embellishments, you can create your own coiled treasure.
4”h x 4”w (Mini) 7”h x 5 1/2”w (Medium) 9”h x 6”w (Large)

Ships within 14 days
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Product No: 14795
Supplier Code: AJP112
Designer/Artist: American Jane Patterns

Our Price: $ 9.00

Can't you just smell the pastries in these French Pantry Baskets? Measuring 83" x 80", this pieced design features four types of baskets: One Patch, Four Patch, Nine Patch & Seminole. Pattern also includes step-by-step instructions for making a mitered border. Isn't it time to stir up a batch of baskets for your kitchen with this fun quilt? Designed by Sandy Klop.

Ships in 7-14 days.
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Friendship Baskets
Product No: 28697
Supplier Code: BC182
Designer/Artist: Bloom Creek

Our Price: $ 10.50

20 1/4" x 24 7/8"
Whether you make this project using Strip-It (a specialty fabric by Marcus Fabrics), as shown, or an assortment of 2 1/2" strips, the result will be the same - an adorable petite quilt, just perfect for a special friend. Pre-cut paper pieces included in pattern.

Ships within 14 days.
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Friendship Blooms Over Garden Fences
Product No: 13915
Supplier Code: CAH247
Designer/Artist: Crabapple Hill Designs

Our Price: $ 27.00

Take a walk down the street and see the hollyhocks standing tall behind the fences and climbing roses drooping gently over the arbor. Place friendship baskets filled with flowers on your neighbors' porchs & maybe get invited in for tea & cookies! Ahhh... I'd live here in a heartbeat! Softly colored embroidered flowers and gently aged fences border this easy to assemble 60 1/2" x 60 1/2" quilt. "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

7-14 day delivery
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Fruit Basket Upset
Product No: 18722
Supplier Code: CLQFBU
Designer/Artist: Clothesline Quilts

Our Price: $ 8.00

Complete this quilt either with appliques or without, with straight border or scalloped edge. Make one basket block, then a second by simply flipping a triangle or two. Six fruit baskets + six fruit basket upsets make one great quilt. Samples use Sturbridge Village Collection by Judie Rothermel and Leaving Riverton Collection by Jodie Barrows.
Finished sizes are 32" x 42" (scalloped) or 36" x 46" (bordered).

Ships within 14 days.
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