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30's Bunnies
Product No: 51272
Supplier Code: MH595
Designer/Artist: MH Designs

Our Price: $ 8.00

10.25" x 22.5" - the fabric selection for this 30's Bunnies wall hanging is critical. The scale of many reproduction fabrics is too large to work well on such a small design. Try to find small scale fabrics that have a fairly solid ground to them for this paper foundation pieced pattern of bunnies & pinwheels. With their button eyes & DMC cotton whiskers, our 30's Bunnies is a delightful project for using up those reproduction fabrics you've been saving for something special.

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 11994
Supplier Code: PGP327
Designer/Artist: Prairie Grove Peddler

Our Price: $ 8.00

With ears too big for the quilt, this pieced bunny has his arms full with a bushel of carrots. Measuring 42" x 47", this busy bunny is the perfect way to celebrate Spring or Easter. This pieced design is also available as a smaller wall hanging (26" x 29").

Ships within 14 days.
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A Spin In The Garden
Product No: 37984
Supplier Code: BKMH
Designer/Artist: Quilt Puppy

Our Price: $ 9.00

38in x 38in

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 29647
Supplier Code: BSD07738
Designer/Artist: Brookshier Design Studio

Our Price: $ 9.00

A Kay Mackenzie pattern. Bunnies in the garden! These bunnies are very well-behaved, and will only bring the cute factor to your garden wall quilt. Flower, bunny and watering can appliqué patterns included. Knowledge of applique technique needed (any form). 38" sq wall quilt.

Ships within 14 days.
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A Wabbit In The Window
Product No: 15126
Supplier Code: PGP326
Designer/Artist: Prairie Grove Peddler

Our Price: $ 8.00

Wallhanging 32" x 49".

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 47881
Supplier Code: AST-314
Designer/Artist: A Stitch In Time

Our Price: $ 8.00

15" free standing rabbit

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 19995
Supplier Code: TFCST103
Designer/Artist: Freckles Collection

Our Price: $ 9.50

Hand-stitched on muslin & all set to garden, this bunny in her apron is ready to remind us that, "Within every heart is a garden waiting to be tended." Holding a pot of flowers & her watering can, Babs has everything she needs for her garden: seeds, pots, trowel & feathered friends. Measuring 18" x 28", this stitchery wall hanging has several borders & is machine quilted. We decorated our stitchery wall hanging with a rusted tool, broken flower pot, moss & carrots. All patterns include a thread chart & use four basic stitches: Backstitch, Running Stitch, French Knot & Lazy Daisy.

Ships in 7-14 days.
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Baby Bunny
Product No: 52402
Supplier Code: FF3838
Designer/Artist: Funky Friends Factory

Our Price: $ 12.99

16" - ‘A’ is no longer for Apple here at the factory… ‘A’ is for Aardvark!!! Artie is a very sweet, snugly little critter that your kids will love to drag around by his tail. RECOMMENDED FABRICS: Artie Aardvark can made from MOST fabrics - The pattern will work well with both NON-STRETCH fabrics (eg. patchwork and quilting cottons and corduroy)and also with STRETCH fabrics (eg. fleece, stretch velour, chenille and flannelette.)

Ships within 14 days
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Bad Hare Day
Product No: 47856
Supplier Code: BLM630
Designer/Artist: Bloomin Minds

Our Price: $ 3.50

19" x 13"

Ships within 14 days
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Baltimore Bunnies
Product No: 11434
Supplier Code: BHD1081
Designer/Artist: Bunny Hill Designs

Our Price: $ 50.00

64" x 79" Quilt
Celebrating the Baltimore Album style quilts, this glorious quilt features 12 blocks of beautiful applique, with the perfect border to frame your masterpiece. Make an heirloom quilt you are sure to treasure. Now avaialble as one pattern with color photos. Fabrics not included.

Ships within 14 days
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Bargello Bunny/Butterflies
Product No: 15111
Supplier Code: CJC-4120
Designer/Artist: Castilleja Cotton

Our Price: $ 10.00

21.5" by 21.5" Great bunny quilt.
Easy bargello background.

Ships within 14 days
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Beatrice Bunny
Product No: 48632
Supplier Code: KA-80
Designer/Artist: Kathys Kalico Kreations

Our Price: $ 8.50

16" x 30" Quilt & 8" x 14" Pillow • This banner style wall hanging is so fast & easy to applique you'll have it completed in no time! This cute bunny can decorate your home all spring.

Ships within 14 days
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