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Mariners Compass

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Cactus Rose 2013
Product No: 33338
Supplier Code: JNQ115P
Designer/Artist: Niemeyer, Judy

Our Price: $ 48.00

The Cactus Rose, 2013 was designed by Brad and Judy Niemeyer as a redesign of the original Cactus Rose pattern published in 2006. The updated pattern includes Template Layout Sheets to help keep the project better organized and speed up the cutting process. It also included some minor re-drafting of a couple of the units to allow for floating points.
A Queen Size Expansion Pack will be available soon, allowing you to increase the size of the quilt as desired.

Ships within 14 days.
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Compass Star
Product No: 22980
Supplier Code: SND444
Designer/Artist: Seams and Dreams

Our Price: $ 11.00

Foundation piecing without the paper! Throw Size 69 x 69" - Queen size 95" x 95" (Nine blocks in 3 rows of 3)

Ships within 14 days.
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Little Bits - Mariners Compass
Product No: 10810
Supplier Code: VSC255
Designer/Artist: A Very Special Collection

Our Price: $ 6.00

An on-point Mariner's Compass block is surrounded with Flying Geese in this 35" x 35" wall quilt. Pattern contains enough tissue paper foundations to make one quilt.

Ships within 14 days.
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Little Bits - Mini Mariners Compass
Product No: 15682
Supplier Code: VSC273
Designer/Artist: A Very Special Collection

Our Price: $ 6.00

This medallion style Mini-Mariner's compass quilt is a great way to showcase the precision of foundadion piecing. Add the flying geese border, and this is a quilt that is sure to impress. Includes tissue foundations to make three 17 1/4" x 17 1/4" wall quilts.

Ships within 14 days.
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Mariners Compass Classic Pack
Product No: 51925
Supplier Code: QS20007
Designer/Artist: Quiltsmart

Our Price: $ 36.95

Great projects for the classic quilt of your dreams - 3 sizes / layouts! Comes with 8 panels of pre-printed interfacing panel of mariner's compass, complete instructions - all packed in a 9in x 12in vinyl zippered project bag!

Ships within 14 days.
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Mariners Compass Quilts Setting A New Course
Product No: 17750
Supplier Code: 10406
Designer/Artist: CT Publishing

Our Price: $ 26.95

Find your way to perfect Mariner's Compass designs. America's expert on the Mariner's Compass presents an amazing new method - freezer-paper foundations! Dazzling and accurate results every time. 2 complete projects or create your own variations. 13 full-size patterns.

Ships within 14 days.
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Mariners Compass with Wedge Tool and Insert Tool
Product No: 19539
Supplier Code: MCP6
Designer/Artist: Phillips Fiber Art

Our Price: $ 15.98

Sew 32 fabric wedges with folded inserts for a three dimensional Mariner's Compass block. Improved full color instructions. The wedge and insert tool are included in the package.

Sizes are a 19" circle and 20" block. Sizes include single, wall hanging, lap, twin, double, king/queen.

Ships within 14 days.
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Mariner's Compass
Product No: 45322
Supplier Code: QP-1104
Designer/Artist: Seams Like Fun Quilt Designs

Our Price: $ 10.00

Discover a fun and fast technique to foundation - piece a dynamic Mariner's compass block surrounded by Flying Geese and edged with a unique, foundation-pieced border.

Ships within 14 days
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Mariner's Compass Quilts
Product No: 44759
Supplier Code: SF4525-8
Designer/Artist: Schiffer Publishing

Our Price: $ 19.99

This book is a design resource and step-by-step guide to new patterns and shapes for the traditional Mariner's Compass quilt motif. Learn to replace the traditional round pattern shape with ovals. Discover how to eliminate the curved edge of the oval and replace it with eye-catching block shapes, including the hexagon, rectangle, and diamond. Each of the eight different patterns is provided in two sizes, 5 in x 8 in and 6 in x 10 in, and has three different variations: Solid Points, Split Points, and Solid and Split Points. Discover how to applique the center piece, rather than piecing it. This important book will take quilters through all the steps necessary to succeed, from the initial gathering of supplies to the final quilt layout and design. This book will be a treasured addition to any quilter's library.

Ships within 14 days.
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Mariner's Star Kit
Product No: 10846
Supplier Code: QS20005
Designer/Artist: Quiltsmart

Our Price: $ 35.95

Includes: Easy-to-read instructions, 4 panels of 38 in Lone Star, 4 panels of Mini-Mariner's Compass Interfacing, & a design page. Wall/Baby, Lap(Twin)

Ships within 14 days.
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Product No: 23678
Supplier Code: SM-100
Designer/Artist: Susan Mayer

Our Price: $ 9.00

This quilt has no reason to hide behind a mask. It is reminiscent of a Mariner's Compass quilt and the Drunkard's Path block. Have fun picking the colors for this beauty.
Finished Size: 45" x 45"

Ships within 14 days.
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Mastering the Mariner's Compass
Product No: 49329
Supplier Code: BPP2009
Designer/Artist: Bear Paw Productions

Our Price: $ 29.95

In this one-on-one workshop learn how to foundation paper piece a mariner’s compass at your own speed - play, pause and rewind. • Triangulations™ 2.0 is PC and Mac compatible. • Step by step demonstration - with close-ups • Lots of tips, hints, and secrets to success • A list of tools to make piecing easier • Printable PDF pattern so you can work along with Brenda • It's just like a private lesson! • The dvd is based on material from Brenda’s book, ¨Mariner’s Compass Quilts ~ Reach for the Stars

Ships within 14 days.
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