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Product No: 11606
Supplier Code: BAM1026
Designer/Artist: Becky And Me

Our Price: $ 7.00

By using tone-on-tone fabrics & traditional blocks, designer Becky Stefanoff hoped to give this pieced design a look similar to an authentic Amish quilt. Measuring 56" square, her Almost Amish Stars quilt features three different star blocks: the Maple Star, the Ohio Star & the Amish Star. So choose your fabrics carefully & see how easy it is to create your own beautiful quilt of traditional stars.

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Amish Grace
Product No: 41244
Supplier Code: TT10066
Designer/Artist: Timeless Traditions Quilts

Our Price: $ 9.00

54in x 68in The beautifully rich colors and simple pattern of this quilt were inspired by a trip to Amish country.

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Amish Pinwheels and Rainbow White
Product No: 40729
Supplier Code: RCRE01
Designer/Artist: Relatively Creative Patterns

Our Price: $ 9.50

Amish Pinwheels 52in x 64in, Rainbow White 64in x 64in

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Amish Quilts of Lancaster County
Product No: 31584
Supplier Code: SF2017-3
Designer/Artist: Herr, Patricia
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Our Price: $ 29.95

Enjoy the bold design and glowing colors of Amish quilts, specifically the 82 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Amish quilts formerly known as the Esprit collection. These quilts have been exhibited worldwide in major museums and venues.

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Product No: 27255
Supplier Code: RRD402
Designer/Artist: Rebecca Ruth Designs

Our Price: $ 7.95

This beautiful 36 by 36 quilt is squarely in the Amish tradition. A full-color pattern helps you choose a bold palette and makes the piecing of the tree easy.

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Product No: 12303
Supplier Code: AA-06
Designer/Artist: Anderson, Ann

Our Price: $ 9.00

The Floating Amish Sampler pattern is designed to allow you to create a quilt in which the mini-Amish blocks appear to float off the surface of the quilt top. Measuring 34.5" square, this rotary cut pattern includes instructions for 14 mini-Amish blocks: Square in Diamond Square, Sunshine & Shadows, Jacob's Ladder, Log Cabin, 9 Patch in a Square, Shoefly, Around the World, Bars, Broken Dishes, Center 4-Patch, Center Square, Chinese Coins, Diamond in a Square & Double 4-Patch. You can choose the nine you like best for your own quilt. Choose one fabric that will be used in each block to help coordinate the overall look. Pattern includes outlines of each mini-Amish block that you can use to try out different color schemes.

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Quilts of the Oregon Trail
Product No: 31585
Supplier Code: SF2316-4
Designer/Artist: Cross Bywater, Mary
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Our Price: $ 29.99

This fascinating book presents quilts as documents of history to discover the women and their life stories. The book features 56 quilts made before, during, and after the journey west, as well as new information about the role of women in their communities.

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