Easy T-Shirt Quilts

Easy T-Shirt Quilts

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Easy T-Shirt Quilts shows you the simplest way to make a top-notch t-shirt quilt! A right of passage for the children and grandchildren of quilters, t-shirt quilts make perfect graduation gifts. At just $5.99, Easy T-Shirt Quilts is a sort of pattern reference card for making memory-filled t-shirt quilts for any occasion! This t-shirt quilt pattern card has directions for both 12’’ and 14’’ finished blocks.

Finished sizes:

54 x 68 inches (for twelve 12-inch t-shirt blocks)

68 x 82 inches (for twenty 12-inch t-shirt blocks)

82 x 96 inches (for thirty 12-inch t-shirt blocks)

60 x 76 inches (for twelve 14-inch t-shirt blocks)

76 x 92 inches (for twenty 14-inch t-shirt blocks)

92 x 108 inches (for thirty 14-inch t-shirt blocks)

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