Working Girl Apron & Hipster Apron

Working Girl Apron & Hipster Apron

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It’s cut “quilter style” with a rotary cutter and ruler! This sturdy, cute little apron has pockets for all of your gear – spoons, clippers, weeders, reading glasses, dusting cloths, glue gun and more! No matter what your task or hobby, you can load it up and get to work. We’ve reduced and organized your sewing tasks, like trips to the ironing board and seam trimming, so you will be done in a hurry. Don’t be shy about the scallops. We’ll show you how to mark, sew, and finish perfect curves in a way that’s easy! The instructions use rotary cutting, with a rotary cutter, ruler and mat board. Visit your local quilt shop or youtube to learn how. Both aprons - one size.

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