Ribbons of Hope

Ribbons of Hope

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Inspired by the multitude of people courageously battling against the many forms of cancer, we decided to create this wallhanging /tote bag to honor them. Each project depicts a whimsical creature sporting the symbolic ribbon design. We chose to represent the pink ribbon for breast cancer for our samples as it is a cancer that is rampant and has affected each of our lives. The butterfly is actually called “Butterfly of Hope”. Omit the corner ribbons and just make a tote bag or wallhanging. However, these patterns can be adapted and personalized to represent an assortment of causes, simply by changing the color of the ribbons, and possibly even the color of the creatures themselves. What a wonderful gift of hope for those struggling with the disease, for supporters of the cause or a gift of celebration for survivors.
Finished sizes - Tote 18” x 18”, wall hanging 18½” x 18½”


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