Classic Nutcrackers - Appliqued Nutcrackers

Classic Nutcrackers - Appliqued Nutcrackers

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Sold as a complete set, NOT monthly.

The Classic Nutcrackers pattern set includes patterns for a dozen different appliqued nutcracker blocks. In each months pattern, you will learn a bit about the fascinating history of nutcrackers - from the crafted wooden figures of the 16th century that crack nuts in their jaws, to Tchaikovkys much-loved ballet of dazzling sugarplum fairies and a brave nutcracker. Each pattern also includes a special German recipe - from German Surprise Chocolate Cake to delicious Mohren Mit Geschnetzeltern (Beef Strips with Carrots). These quilt patterns let you read, learn, sew, cook - and make a special Classic Nutcrackers quilt! 

Each Nutcracker block finishes at 9" x 16"

You may also order individual Classic Nutcracker patterns and a pieced block set - you can find them HERE