Partner With QBPN - Sell Your Quilt Patterns

As a family-owned and operated business, QBPN is committed to supporting independent artists and creating a vibrant community for sharing quilt patterns, books and notions. If you have your own quilt pattern designs and looking to sell them online, we can help.

QBPN sells more physical and digital quilt patterns than almost any other site.  Our core focus has always been selling quilt patterns.

Some compelling reasons to partner with QBPN:

Featured in Our Newsletter: With a community of over 70,000 quilting enthusiasts, QBPN's newsletter provides a valuable platform for artists to gain exposure and boost pattern sales. Being featured in the newsletter allows you to reach a wider audience and establish your name as a recognized artist in the quilting world.

 Dedicated Newsletter Blast: QBPN also offers dedicated newsletter blasts, exclusively featuring your products. This opportunity is especially beneficial if you have a dedicated sale or a large collection of quilt patterns that haven't been sold on the site before. It gives you a chance to showcase your best patterns and attract potential customers.

 Dedicated Artist Spotlight Page With Bio: As an artist partnering with QBPN, you will have the opportunity to create a dedicated artist spotlight page with your own bio. This page can be customized to reflect your unique message and artistic style. You can choose your preferred profile image, providing a personalized touch to your collection page and helping you connect with potential customers.

 More Exposure & More Control Over Product Listings: QBPN understands the importance of product visibility and offers artists the ability to write their own product descriptions. This customization allows you to craft unique descriptions that enhance your searchability and attract customers. Additionally, QBPN is happy to include lifestyle images showcasing finished products, enabling customers to visualize the end result. Moreover, if you have instructional videos related to your patterns, QBPN will gladly link to them, increasing your exposure on platforms like YouTube.

 Downloadables: QBPN expanded its website in the first quarter of 2023 to include PDF downloadable patterns and books. This feature addresses the needs of their large international buyer base, providing quick and convenient access to patterns and books. QBPN's secure system ensures that only those who have purchased the pattern can access the PDF, safeguarding the intellectual property of artists. Additionally, QBPN provides detailed tracking of downloads, ensuring accountability and protecting your work.

Efficient Payment and Reporting Process: QBPN values transparency and offers a streamlined payment and reporting process. They provide quarterly reports to vendors, detailing all sales by Title. QBPN uses Shopify as their ecommerce backend, which facilitates accurate tracking and reporting. Payments are made quarterly, and vendors can choose to receive a check by mail or opt for ACH payment.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Quilt Patterns on QBPN?: Zero. We do not charge artists any money.  We are a direct to consumer company and want to provide our fantastic customer base with as many options as possible.

Reach out today and speak with us on how we can help you get started selling your quilt patterns online.


-American Jane, Stan"American Jane is very pleased with the way QBPN has taken us on and grown our business substantially. They accepted all of our patterns to sell and made it easy to transfer our products to their ecommerce site. We were surprised at how many American Jane patterns they have sold.

-J.Minnis Designs, Joyce"I love working with QBPN and selling my digital patterns on their website.  They are very professional and helpful with their marketing of my patterns.  I receive a detailed quarterly report from them, and quick payment. I would highly recommend QBPN and their staff."

-Corinne Hewitt-I am so thrilled to have partnered with QBPN to sell my quilt patterns. They are professional, quick to respond to any questions or needs and are very kind too. I am so glad Ruth reached out to me that day and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great company to sell their product.

-Black Cat Creations, Jackie Theriot"I am quite satisfied with you selling our patterns."

-Ahhh...Quilting, Cynthia"I will say that it was very easy to share the PDFs - I just put them in a dropbox file. Additionally, you and your staff have been great to work with- very responsive, quick to fix issues, etc. Thanks again for the opportunity to sell my patterns on your platform!"

Partnering with QBPN Quilting offers numerous benefits for independent artists in the quilting community. From increased exposure through newsletters and dedicated blasts to customizable artist spotlight pages and control over product listings, QBPN provides a platform that supports artists in showcasing their work. Furthermore, QBPN's expansion into downloadable patterns and books, along with their efficient payment and reporting process, make them an attractive partner for artists looking to reach a wider audience and grow their business.

Learn more about partnering with QBPN Quilting by reaching out to Ruth at

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join our vibrant community of artists and take your quilting business to new heights. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

Family Owned & Operated with vast selection of patterns and notions

QBPN offers one of the largest online collections of patterns and notions. This is over 25,000 patterns and we work with hundreds of independent designers and artists here in the US and globally.  Click the link to partner with us!  

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