About Us

How many of us learned to make quilts from our Grandmothers?
My Grandmother and her 1000 Triangle quilt.
(No acrylic rulers - cardboard with sandpaper).
I learned to sew from my Grandmother when I was about 10.  Years later, we sat at opposite ends of my dining room table and she taught me to make my first log cabin quilt.  That was about 38 years ago.  I must say, she created a quilting monster.  I haven’t stopped since! 
My Mom and I.
My oldest granddaughter made her first quilt at that same table.  She made a king size Kwik Scrappy Quilt for her parents for Christmas.  They thought she was making a pillow!  Boy, were they surprised.  She learned how choose fabric (not cloth), to cut accurately, safely stitch 1/4 inch (straight) seams, press (not iron).  She learned that we use  thread (not string) and learned patience when she ran out of what she, Nicole, called “string”.  
Nicole - Now, in the Army.
Daughter - Kristy - quilted a lot before 3 girls.
Megan and her first quilt.
Emily, Molly, Ella, Grammie and Megan - time to introduce the last 3 to the "machine" !
Gram, my Mom, Me, Kristy, Nicole, and Megan
That makes 5 generations of quilters!
We strive to make our website easy to use.  We want our customers to be able to get into the site, see what there is to offer and have an easy and enjoyable experience from start to finish.
I opened my store in 1990.  That makes this ride 25+ years long so far.  I’ve been blessed with a lot of friends, family and employees that have helped me all along the way.

Lexi joined me in September.  She was a "God Sent" to help me with shipping, inventory and laughs.  I'm so fortunate to have her !!  
When you receive your carefully packaged treasures....that was Lexi :)
We are very serious in our responsibility to help you in whatever way we can and thank you so much for coming to visit our store.  
Come in, sit for a bit and find the happiness that happens with this craft called Quilting. ~ Elaine