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Why Partner With QBPN Quilting?

My name is Ruth and I help in the family business by managing the relationships between QBPN and artists in the quilting community.

QBPN has one of the largest collections of quilt patterns online. Our goal is to help create a community that supports local independent artists to share their patterns and notions with the quilting world.

Here Are a Few Advantages We Can Offer You

Featured in Our Newsletter

Our community is over 40k strong and they love seeing new quilt patterns. Being featured in a newsletter can help people recognize your name as an artist as well as sell your patterns.

Dedicated Newsletter Blast

From time to time we send out dedicated newsletter blasts featuring just the products from one artist.  This is a great way to show off all your best patterns.  

We generally will do this if you have a dedicated sale going for your items or you have a large collection of quilt patterns we have not sold before on our site.

Dedicated Artist Spot Light Page With Bio

QBPN offers all artists, big or small, the chance to write their own bio and have their own collection page.  We can use any image you like for your profile and you can customize the message you want to showcase to those looking at your patterns.

More Control Over Product Listings

Having a unique description for your products can go a long ways in helping you be found for product searches.  If desired you can write your own product descriptions.  We will also happily add in lifestyle images showing finished products.  This is a great way for customers to visualize what the finished product looks like.

All listings can have a "how to" video as well.  If you have video instructions on making the pattern we are happy to link directly to your video and help you gain more exposure on YouTube.


We are currently getting ready to beta test downloadable patterns. QBPN sells a lot internationally and we have had many requests from people in the US as well to offer downloadable versions.

All sales are tracked within shopify and we can easily share your stats and pay out on a monthly basis.  If you would like to be part of the beta group please reach out to  


Family Owned & Operated with vast selection of patterns and notions

QBPN offers one of the largest online collections of patterns and notions. This is over 25,000 patterns and we work with hundreds of independent designers and artists here in the US and globally.  Click the link to partner with us!