15 Landscape Quilt Patterns Inspired by Scenic Beauty

15 Landscape Quilt Patterns Inspired by Scenic Beauty

Ruth Erdei |

Welcome to our latest quilt pattern showcase! This week, we embark on a journey through 15 exquisite patterns that intricately depict landscapes and scenic views. As someone who traverses landscapes frequently, these patterns resonate deeply with me, evoking memories of past travels and adventures. Each stitch and motif serves as a tribute to the creative minds behind them, capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature's surroundings. Join us as we explore these quilt patterns, each a testament to the artistry and wonder found in the world around us. 

Patterns by Quilted Fabric Art

Easy Landscape Art Quilt Pattern by Quilted Fabric Arts.

The Easy Landscape Art Quilt Pattern by Quilted Fabric Arts is an ode to mountain living and the serene beauty it beholds. A reminder of the majestic landscapes of the mountains, this mini quilt captures the essence of a tranquil sunrise or sunset, framed by towering pines and the soothing melody of nearby flowing rivers. Its design serves as a poignant reminder of the natural splendor surrounding us, inviting quilters to embark on a creative journey that resonates with the spirit of mountain life.

A call to all beginner quilters, this quilt pattern offers a gentle introduction to the art of quilting, providing detailed instructions spread across seven pages, accompanied by 16 illuminating photos. From fusible to turned under appliqué techniques, utilizing freezer paper and fusible web, the pattern guides quilters through each step with clarity and precision, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience. With only six templates required, assembling this petite art quilt becomes an effortless endeavor, promising swift progress and gratifying results. Furthermore, its versatility allows for customization, empowering quilters to enlarge the design to any desired size. It transforms a modest 8-inch by 11-inch canvas into a personalized masterpiece that reflects their unique vision and creativity. The Easy Landscape Art Quilt Pattern encapsulates the beauty of mountain living, offering quilters an opportunity to weave their own stories into its fabric.

Find  Easy Landscape Art Quilt Pattern here

Dancing in the Moonlight Quilt Pattern by Quilted Fabric Arts.

The Dancing in the Moonlight Quilt Pattern by Quilted Fabric Arts invites quilters on a whimsical journey under the shimmering glow of the moon, capturing the enchanting atmosphere of a lakeside rendezvous. Picture yourself on a tranquil dock, where the calm waters gently lap against its edges, offering a serene refuge for quiet contemplation or perhaps a bit of fishing. Within this pattern lies a silhouette of a woman, her graceful figure poised in a gesture of greeting to the luminous moon above. At the same time, the rolling hills on the distant shore adorn themselves with a vibrant tapestry of colors, welcoming the night with open arms. It's a scene straight out of a dream, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquility that resonates with both the heart and the imagination.

Crafted with the intermediate quilter in mind, the Dancing in the Moonlight pattern beckons those with a penchant for adventure and a taste for the dramatic. Here, techniques blend seamlessly as fusible and freezer paper (turned under) appliqué come together to create a captivating moonscape, where the moon itself is fashioned from a fabric softener dryer sheet, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the quilt's celestial motif. Step-by-step instructions and detailed photos ensure a rewarding quilting experience, where every stitch becomes a brushstroke in a larger canvas of creativity. While recommended for quilters with some free-motion quilting experience, this pattern offers an ideal playground for honing skills and exploring new techniques. It is a delightful choice for those eager to journey into the magical realm of quilting artistry.

Find  Dancing in the Moonlight Quilt Pattern here. 

October Sky Quilt Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.

Villa Rose Designs October Sky Pattern

The October Sky Quilt Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs ushers in the essence of autumn with its evocative portrayal of the midwestern forest scenery. As fall descends, the landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, and this quilt captures that breathtaking transition with stunning precision. The carefully selected fabric palette mirrors the rich tones of the season, infusing the quilt with an irresistible warmth and charm that resonates with nature's palette.

At 48 inches by 60 inches, the finished quilt becomes a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the artistry of quilting. Despite its impressive size, this pattern offers a refreshingly straightforward approach, making it an ideal choice for quilters seeking a project that is both gratifying and accessible. With a focus on standard machine sewing techniques, quilters can confidently embark on their creative journey, knowing that each stitch brings them closer to realizing their vision of autumnal splendor.

Crafted as a printed paper pattern, the October Sky Quilt Pattern invites quilters of all levels to partake in its creation. From seasoned veterans to enthusiastic beginners, each stitch serves as a brushstroke in a larger canvas of collective creativity, weaving together memories of crisp autumn air and the rustle of leaves underfoot. As the quilt takes shape, it becomes a testament to the beauty of the season and a cherished heirloom that embodies the timeless spirit of craftsmanship and creativity.

Find the October Sky quilt pattern here.

The Mountains Are Calling by Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Quilt Patterns.

The Mountains Are Calling pattern

The Mountains Are Calling pattern, crafted by the talented Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Quilt Patterns, transports quilters to the heart of mountain living with its captivating depiction of icy mountain caps and towering pines. As a tribute to the rugged beauty of mountain landscapes, this pattern beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike to embrace the call of the wild and immerse themselves in the untamed splendor of the great outdoors. 

Henry Glass's Folk Art Flannel 4 lends its cozy warmth and rustic charm to this new pattern, infusing it with rustic elegance and timeless allure. As the fabric unfurls, it reveals a symphony of earthy tones and intricate patterns, echoing the rugged beauty of the mountains and capturing the essence of a wilderness retreat. The 24-page full-color single pattern booklet serves as a comprehensive guide, offering quilters a wealth of inspiration and insight into quilt-making while guiding them through each step of the creative process with clarity and precision.

Measuring 51 inches by 60 inches, The Mountains Are Calling pattern presents an intermediate challenge for quilters eager to expand their skills and embrace new techniques.

Find The Mountains Are Calling quilt pattern here

Astral Vision by Bound To Be Quilting, LLC

Astral Vision by Bound To Be Quilting, LLC

Do you dream of witnessing the mystical dance of the Northern Lights? The Astral Vision quilt pattern by Bound To Be Quilting brings you one step closer to that ethereal experience. With its captivating design, the pattern features a 24" panel at its heart, surrounded by a constellation of stars that echo the celestial spectacle of the aurora borealis. 

Measuring a finished size of 50" x 68", this pattern allows you to craft your celestial masterpiece, making it the perfect choice for any celestial panel you've been longing to showcase. Let the Astral Vision quilt pattern illuminate your quilting journey as you create your shimmering slice of the night sky.

Find  Astral Vision quilt pattern here


Patterns by American Jane Patterns

Home Town USA Downloadable Pattern by American Jane Patterns.

Nestled within the warmth of a cozy home, where laughter and smiles weave a tapestry of joy, lies the heart of Home Town USA Downloadable Pattern by American Jane. With dimensions measuring 69" x 89", this quilt epitomizes comfort and charm, inviting loved ones to snuggle close and create cherished memories. Crafted with the delightful hues and patterns of American Jane fabric for Moda Story Time, each stitch whispers tales of whimsy and nostalgia. As you embark on this quilting journey, let the fabric and pattern intertwine to paint a picture of home, where every stitch is a thread in the story of love and togetherness.

Find Home Town USA Downloadable pattern here.

Up In The Air Downloadable Pattern by American Jane Patterns.

As if lifted by the whims of imagination, the Up In The Air Downloadable Pattern by American Jane Patterns captures the enchanting sight of hot air balloons gracefully adrift in the sky. Measuring 71" x 62" upon completion, this quilt transports you to a realm where dreams take flight and possibilities are boundless. This quilt features a medley of American Jane fabric for Moda, including Lorraine, Pindots, and assorted fabrics, each adding depth and character to the design. As hot air balloons soar amidst the clouds, let this quilt carry you on a journey of creativity and wonder where the sky's the limit.

Find Up In The Air Downloadable pattern here.


Patterns by Country Creations Quilt Patterns.

Sunset Serenity Quilt Pattern by Country Creations.


As the sun dips behind the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the landscape, the Sunset Serenity Quilt Pattern by Country Creations beckons with its tranquil beauty. With a canvas spanning 64" x 80", this masterpiece depicts a diverse panorama of nature, where four types of trees and bushes sway amidst the backdrop of majestic mountains illuminated by the setting sun. Crafted with the meticulous "connector corner" method, this pattern offers a gateway to creativity for advanced beginners, where straight seams intertwine to form a landscape of serenity. Divided into eight sections to facilitate piecing, the quilt promises a stunning visual and a journey of patience and dedication. Designed by the talented Lorraine Stangness of CC - Country Creations, let this quilt pattern envelop you in the tranquil allure of a sunset-kissed horizon, where whispered tales of nature's beauty and quietude of twilight.

Find  Sunset Serenity Quilt Pattern here. 

All Roads Lead to the Sea by Country Creations.

As the gentle breeze carries whispers of seaside tales, the All Roads Lead to the Sea quilt pattern by Country Creations invites you to wander through the quaint charm of a coastal town. With a canvas measuring 81" x 92", this pattern embodies the nostalgia of life by the ocean, offering ample space for imagination to roam free. The pattern reminds me of fond memories of a small California seaside town I use to live in. This design, crafted using Lorraine's signature "connector corner" technique and "section piecing," captures the essence of coastal living in every stitch. Divided into 14 distinct sections, each with its own cutting measurements and snowball corner details, the quilt unfolds like a story waiting to be told. With only straight seams to guide you, this pattern promises a journey of creativity and reflection, where time may be consumed, but memories are woven into every fiber. Let the All Roads Lead to the Sea quilt pattern be your portal to the shores of nostalgia, where the sea's song echoes through the stitches, and every thread is a pathway to cherished moments by the water's edge.

Find the All Roads Lead to the Sea pattern here. 

Patterns by Grizzly Gulch Gallery Quilt Patterns

 Autumn Splendor Quilt Pattern by Grizzly Gulch Gallery.

Bathed in the vibrant hues of autumn, the Autumn Splendor Quilt Pattern by Grizzly Gulch Gallery captures the breathtaking transformation of trees against a mountain backdrop. Measuring 51" W x 33", this quilt is a testament to the beauty of nature's palette during the fall season. With a combination of Bargello Quilt-As-You-Go and Fusible Raw Edge Applique techniques, the pattern unfolds like a masterpiece, with full-size patterns drawn in reverse and accompanied by simple, straightforward instructions.

As you embark on this quilting journey, imagine yourself as a solitary visitor welcomed by a color spectacular, where every stitch breathes life into the glorious mountain scene. Despite its appearance of complexity, the use of these two techniques ensures that creating this artistic marvel is within reach for quilters of all skill levels. So, let the aspen trees on the mountainside inspire you as you weave together threads of autumn splendor into a quilt that celebrates the magic of the season.

Find  Autumn Splendor Quilt Pattern here. 

Early Snow by Grizzly Gulch Gallery.

In the quiet serenity of a peaceful valley, where the air is crisp, and the landscape whispers tales of winter's embrace, lies the Early Snow quilt pattern by Grizzly Gulch Gallery. Measuring 54" x 33", this art quilt transports you to a scene where deer graze gracefully amidst the pristine snow, their images brought to life through a combination of Bargello, quilt-as-you-go, and fusible raw edge applique techniques.

With detailed instructions that are easy to follow, creating this tranquil tableau becomes a joyous endeavor. The snow cap, deer, and tree images, rendered in full-sized patterns drawn in reverse for a fusible web application, ensure that every stitch captures the essence of the winter landscape.

As you embark on this quilting journey, envision yourself amid that peaceful valley, where the deer roam freely and the first snowfall blankets the earth in quiet beauty. Let the Early Snow quilt pattern be your gateway to a world where nature's wonders unfold in stitches, and the art of quilting becomes a celebration of life's simple pleasures.

Find Early Snow pattern here.

Patterns by Piece O Cake

 I Want To Go Home Downloadable Pattern by Piece O Cake.

I Want To Go Home Downloadable Pattern by Piece O Cake beckons displays a scene with playful houses and wonky trees, inviting quilters into a world of creativity and compassion. What initially drew me in was the delightful imagery. Still, as I delved deeper, I discovered the heartwarming purpose behind these two patterns we highlight today: they were created to benefit the 2011 Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, shedding light on a cause close to many hearts.

With nearly 500,000 new diagnoses of Alzheimer's expected this year alone, the importance of initiatives like this cannot be overstated. The Finished quilt size of 32" x 32" and Finished block size of 8" x 8", adorned with 4" wide borders featuring appliqued daisies, embody a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

Within the 22-page PDF pattern, quilters will find everything they need to embark on their journey, including full-size black and white patterns for each of the nine blocks and two borders. The pattern also provides yardage and cutting instructions and general guidance on making and using templates and placement overlays.

As quilters stitch together the fabric of this pattern, they also weave hope and support for those affected by Alzheimer's, transforming threads of compassion into a quilt that serves as both a testament to resilience and a beacon of solidarity.

Find  I Want To Go Home Downloadable Pattern here

May The Lord Bless You Downloadable Pattern Piece O Cake.

The "May The Lord Bless You" Downloadable Pattern by Piece O Cake carries a profound significance beyond its artistic allure. Originally crafted to support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, this pattern embodies a spirit of compassion and community.

With two size options available—16" x 16" or 32" x 32"—this pattern accommodates diverse preferences and project requirements, ensuring that quilters of all levels can bring its heartwarming design to life.

Contained within the 32-page PDF pattern are comprehensive instructions meticulously crafted to guide quilters through the creative process with clarity and precision. From yardage and cutting instructions for both quilt sizes to general guidelines on template usage, placement overlays, and cutaway appliqué techniques, the pattern equips quilters with the tools and knowledge necessary to realize their vision with confidence. Every aspect of the pattern, from the appliqué of doors and windows to the intricate landscape of trees and flowers, reflects a labor of love.


Patterns by Quilters Clinic Quilt Patterns

 A Few of My Favorite Places Pattern by Quilters Clinic.

The A Few of My Favorite Places Pattern by Quilters Clinic Quilt Patterns is a gem for the avid traveler and memory collector. As someone who has traversed every state in the U.S. except Alaska (with hopes of venturing there soon), I find the concept of integrating snapshots from my journeys into this beautifully crafted pattern utterly captivating.

At its core, this pattern serves as a canvas for your cherished memories, offering a unique twist on the traditional quilt with its Photo Quilt design. Add your own photos to create a bespoke Memory Quilt that encapsulates the essence of your travels, or choose fabrics that evoke the spirit of your favorite destinations.

With a finished size of 60x60, this quilt pattern provides ample space for your memories to flourish and your stories to unfold. Each stitch becomes a thread in the tapestry of your adventures, weaving together moments from across the country into a masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of exploration and the joy of discovery.

So, whether you're reminiscing about past escapades or eagerly planning new ones, let the A Few of My Favorite Places Pattern be your guide as you embark on a journey of quilting and storytelling that honors the places that hold a special space in your heart.

Find the  A Few of My Favorite Places Pattern here.

Deep Forest Quilt Pattern by Quilters Clinic.

The Deep Forest Quilt Pattern by Quilters Clinic beckons with a mesmerizing allure, capturing forest life's vibrant beauty and lush foliage. As you delve into this stunning pattern, you'll immerse yourself in a world where the mingling squares form a unique forestry frame, inviting you to explore the depths of nature's palette.

With a finished size of 68" x 83", this quilt pattern offers a generous canvas for your creativity to flourish. Here, you can infuse your unique style and personality by selecting vibrant colors that resonate with your spirit, breathing life into the quilt, and transforming it into a reflection of your imagination.

As you embark on quilting the Deep Forest pattern, let yourself be swept away by the enchanting beauty of nature's tapestry. Each stitch becomes a brushstroke, weaving together a mosaic of greens and earthy tones that celebrate the majesty of the forest. Whether you're an experienced quilter or new to the craft, let the Deep Forest Quilt Pattern be your guide to a world where artistry and nature intertwine, creating a masterpiece that speaks to the soul.

Find the  Deep Forest Quilt Pattern here

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