Enchanted Stitches: Unveiling Mythical Quilt Patterns for Magical Creations

Mythical Quilt Patterns for Magical Creations

Ruth Erdei |

Welcome to the world of mythical quilt patterns! If you've ever found yourself dreaming of dragons, chatting with gnomes, or plotting pranks with mischievous fairies, then you're in for a treat. Mythical creatures have long been a staple of fairytales and folklore, capturing the imaginations of young and old alike. But why let the stories stay confined to books when you can bring them to life with needle and thread?

Here at QBPN, we're delighted to present a collection of quilt patterns that delve into the realm of mythical creatures. From majestic dragons soaring across the sky to whimsical gnomes tending to their gardens, these patterns offer a delightful blend of magic, humor, and creativity. 

So dust off your wand, sharpen your needles, and prepare to be enchanted by the endless possibilities that await. After all, who says quilting can't be a little bit magical? Let's dive in and explore the extraordinary world of mythical quilt patterns together!

Birds Eye View Quilt Pattern by Quilting Renditions.
Birds Eye View Quilt Pattern by Quilting Renditions Quilt Patterns.

Who goes there? It's the "Birds Eye View Quilt Pattern" by Quilting Renditions. Delving into the realm of nocturnal mystique, this pattern pays homage to the revered owl, symbolizing wisdom, transformation, and protection.

Crafted with meticulous detail, this pattern accommodates three-panel sizes, allowing for versatility in design. Embrace the opportunity to infuse your creativity with coordinating fabrics, enriching the quilt's aesthetic appeal.

Available as a printed paper pattern, the finished sizes range from 55" x 75" to 67" x 75", making for a substantial and captivating final product. Utilizing standard machine sewing techniques, this pattern is ideal for confident beginners.

Embark on a captivating quilting odyssey with the "Birds Eye View Quilt Pattern," where the wisdom of owls meets the artistry of quilting.

Find the Birds Eye View Quilt Pattern here

Pretty in Pink Downloadable Pattern by Kids Quilts.
Pretty in Pink Downloadable Pattern by Kids Quilts.

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with the "Pretty in Pink" Downloadable Pattern by Kids Quilts. This enchanting design transports you to a realm where fairies, mushrooms, and dragonflies dance among delicate blooms. Perfect for adorning your little girl's room, this darling cot/crib-size quilt captures the essence of childhood magic.

Crafted with love and imagination, the quilt pattern includes comprehensive instructions to bring your vision to life. Kids Quilts uses their 'Fairy Tales' collection of fabrics for RJR fabrics. Note that fabrics are not included, allowing you the freedom to select materials that resonate with your personal style and preferences. The finished size quilt is 44" x 52". 

Find the Pretty in Pink Downloadable Pattern by Kids Quilts here

Pixie Magic by Another by Anita.
Pixie Magic by Another by Anita Quilt Patterns.

With this fairy by your side, you enter a whimsical world of "Pixie Magic" by Another by Anita Quilt Patterns. As the fairy of the land stands by with her flower crown, this pattern invites you to embark on a journey of enchantment and creativity.

What sets "Pixie Magic" apart is its innovative technique of fusing colored fabrics onto a layer of black fabric. Surprisingly quick and easy, this method instills confidence in beginners and astounds veteran quilters with its simplicity.

Ideal for both keeping and gifting, "Pixie Magic" offers a fun project that captivates the imagination. With its full-size pattern and step-by-step instructions, the finished quilt measures 29" x 21". 

Find the Pixie Magic pattern here.

Sew Magical Project Booklet by CT Publishing.
Sew Magical Project Booklet by CT Publishing.

Discover the enchanting world of "Sew Magical" by CT Publishing, where a treasure trove of delightful projects awaits you at an unbeatable price of just $24.95. Immerse yourself in block projects of whimsy and wonder as you sew gnomes, a wizard, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, and more!

Mary Hertel's cherished paper-pieced blocks take inspiration from beloved myths and fairy tales, making each project a magical journey in itself. With sixteen mix-and-match blocks included in this collection, you'll find yourself unlocking the boundless power of imagination in your quilting endeavors.

Simple to sew yet irresistibly lovable, these blocks depict mystical creatures, a royal princess, a grand castle, and a brave knight. With clever patterns and crystal-clear instructions, "Sew Magical" empowers paper piecers to realize that the realm of possibility knows no bounds.

Find the Sew Magical Project booklet here

Oh My, Dragons! Quilt Pattern by FatCat Patterns.
Oh My, Dragons! Quilt Pattern by FatCat Patterns.

Get ready to unleash the fire-breathing fun with the "Oh My, Dragons!" Quilt Pattern by FatCat Patterns. This pattern is as thrilling as a knight facing off against a hoard of dragons and just as colorful!

With this pattern, you're not just stitching a quilt but embarking on an epic adventure. Each dragon block is a canvas waiting for your creativity to breathe life into it. Mix and match colors like a wizard conjuring spells to make each dragon pop with personality.

Furthermore, this pattern is perfect for scrap lovers and fat quarter aficionados, ensuring each dragon receives the attention it deserves. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting your journey, this pattern is designed for the brave-hearted—no dragon-slaying skills required!

So grab your needle and thread, summon your inner dragon tamer, and get ready to create a quilt that's as fierce as it is fabulous. With a finished size of 58 inches by 58 inches, this lap/throw quilt will have you snuggled up in no time.

Find the Oh, My Dragon! Pattern here

Find the Oh, My Dragon! Downloadable pdf pattern here.

Patterns by Whole Country Caboodle.

For the following few highlighted patterns from Whole Country Caboodle, I encourage you to explore the entire series of dragon appliques here. Each pattern offers a unique twist on these mythical creatures, sure to spark your imagination and creativity. So don't miss out—dive into the world of dragon appliques and let your quilting adventures take flight!

Wizard & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack by Whole Country Caboodle.
Wizard & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack by Whole Country Caboodle.

Introducing the "Wizard & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack" by Whole Country Caboodle Quilt Patterns—a magical shortcut to crafting whimsical wonders! This precut fused applique pack brings enchantment to your fingertips, fitting snugly into a 10 x 10 block.

With the hard work already done for you, all that's left is to let your creativity soar! Whether you're working on a quilt, a wall hanging, or even a pillowcase, this adorable dragon perched on the arm of an enchanted wizard adds a touch of fantasy to any project.

So, wave your wand (or grab your sewing machine) and prepare to sprinkle a little magic into your next creation. With this precut fused applique pack, crafting enchantment has never been easier—or more delightful!

Find the Wizard & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack here

Find the entire lineup of dragon precut appliques from Whole Country Caboodle here

Dragon Friends Strip Quilt by Whole Country Caboodle.
Dragon Friends Strip Quilt by Whole Country Caboodle.

Embark on a fantastical journey with the "Dragon Friends Strip Quilt" by Whole Country Caboodle Quilt Patterns—a quilt pattern that's as delightful as it is daring!

This pattern features instructions for not just one but two quilts, making it a treasure trove of dragon-themed fun. With patterns for 10 unique dragon appliques, each fitting into a 10-inch block, you'll be spoiled for choice when crafting your dragon-themed masterpiece.

But it's not just the dragons that steal the show—each applique boasts its own quirky personality. From dragons blowing hearts to a butterfly landing delicately on their nose, these dragons are more than just mythical creatures—they're your new best friends!

Quilt 1, featuring one dragon applique strip, measures a cozy 46 inches by 60 inches—perfect for snuggling up with your dragon buddies. And for those who want to double the dragon fun, Quilt 2, with two dragon applique strips, measures 46 inches by 69 inches.

So grab your fabric and sense of adventure because, with the "Dragon Friends Strip Quilt" pattern, your imagination is the only limit. Get ready to stitch into a world where dragons reign supreme, and friendship knows no bounds!

Find the Dragon Friends Strip Quilt Pattern here


Dragon Applique Quilt & Table Topper by Whole Country Caboodle.
Dragon Applique Quilt & Table Topper by Whole Country Caboodle.

Prepare to add a touch of humor to your quilting projects with the "Dragon Applique Quilt & Table Topper" by Whole Country Caboodle. Similar to our previous patterns by Whole Country Caboodle, this one also features 10 delightfully humorous dragon appliques. Still, with a twist, they're part of two different projects this time.

This pattern includes instructions for both a quilt and a table topper, allowing you to spread dragon-themed joy throughout your home. Alongside these project instructions, you'll find patterns for the 10 charming dragon appliques that bring these creations to life.

For fabric enthusiasts, the fabrics used in these projects hail from the Whirly-Gig Magic (Henry Glass, November 2019), Starry Basics (Henry Glass), and Houndstooth Basics (Henry Glass) Collections—because when it comes to dragons, only the most magical fabrics will do!

The finished quilt measures 53 ½" x 53 ½", providing the perfect cozy companion for snuggling up with your dragon pals. Meanwhile, the table topper adds a whimsical touch to any surface, measuring 30 ½" x 30 ½". 

Find the Dragon Applique Quilt and Table Topper Pattern here


Dragon on Guard Wall Hanging Pattern by Needlesongs Quilt Patterns.

Dragon on Guard Wall Hanging Pattern by Needlesongs Quilt Patterns.

Equip your home with the touch of the "Dragon on Guard Wall Hanging Pattern" by Needlesongs Quilt Patterns. With its majestic wings unfurled, this dragon stands as a steadfast guardian, watching over your space with care.

Adorned with Keltic trinity knots on each corner, this dragon is not just a stunning addition to your decor—it's a symbol of strength and resilience. Whether you believe in mythical guardians or enjoy the aesthetic, this wall hanging will make a statement.

Measuring 36" x 36" inches, this wall hanging is the perfect size to add a touch of magic to any room. And don't worry if you're new to quilting—the pattern is designed with the advanced beginner in mind, blending piecing and fusible applique techniques seamlessly.

Designed by the talented Carol Bruce of Needlesongs, this pattern is not just a piece of decor—it's a conversation starter, a guardian, and a source of endless amusement and wonder.

Find the Dragon on Guard Wall hanging pattern here.

Princess Quilt Pattern by Counted Quilts.
Princess Quilt Pattern by Counted Quilts.

Introducing the enchanting "Princess Quilt Pattern" by Counted Quilts—the perfect addition to any little princess's royal domain! If your little one loves to play dress-up and dreams of magical kingdoms, this quilt will surely spark her imagination and transport her to a land of fairy tales and adventure.

Imagine your little princess wrapped in the cozy embrace of this quilt, surrounded by her very own castle, blooming flowers, and the sun's warm glow. This scene comes to life with every stitch, weaving a tapestry of imagination and wonder.

Available in three sizes—crib, wall hanging, and lap/throw—this pattern is as versatile as it is adorable. Whether your princess prefers to snuggle up in her crib, adorn her walls with a touch of magic, or cuddle up on the couch, there's a size to suit her royal needs.

Treat your little princess to her very own fairy tale with the "Princess Quilt Pattern" by Counted Quilts. Because every princess deserves a quilt fit for royalty!

Find the Princess Quilt Pattern here

Find the Princess Quilt Downloadable Pattern here.

Dragon Quilt Pattern by Counted Quilts.
Dragon Quilt Pattern by Counted Quilts.

Introducing the "Dragon Quilt Pattern" by Counted Quilts—a delightful twist on traditional boy quilts that will fire up your little one's imagination! In a world where princess quilts often steal the spotlight, let's not forget about our brave little knights and dragon slayers.

This pattern is the perfect opportunity to create a quilt fit for your little prince's or princess's adventures. With a friendly fairytale dragon keeping watch, your child can drift off to dreamland, knowing they're protected by a magical guardian.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Get ready to unleash your creativity as you choose fabric colors that perfectly match your little one's preferences. Whether they prefer fiery reds, cool blues, or vibrant greens, the choice is yours—and the possibilities are endless!

Available in three sizes—wall hanging, crib, and lap/throw—this pattern offers versatility and simplicity in equal measure. With the "Dragon Quilt Pattern" by Counted Quilts, bedtime becomes a magical journey filled with laughter, imagination, and a friendly dragon by your side. So grab your fabric and sense of adventure, and get ready to stitch up a quilt fit for a brave little knight—or a daring dragon slayer!

Find the Dragon Quilt Pattern here.

Find the Digital Dragon Quilt Downloadable Pattern here

The Flower Fairy Quilt by Come Quilt Quilt Patterns

The Flower Fairy Quilt by Come Quilt Quilt Patterns.

The "Flower Fairy Quilt" by Come Quilt is a fantastical creation. If your daughter dreams of fairy tales and magical kingdoms, this quilt will enchant her heart and bedroom décor.

Like the three fairies from the beloved movie Sleeping Beauty, these garden fairies will captivate you with their charm and grace. With their delicate petals and subtle flair, they'll flutter into your home, bringing a touch of magic wherever they go.

But what truly sets these fairies apart is their adorable faces, lovingly inked with a Pigma pen. Each fairy comes to life with personality and expression, ready to sprinkle a little fairy dust on your quilting adventure.

Measuring 54-1/2 inches by 64-1/2 inches, this finished quilt is the perfect size to cozy up with on a magical night's sleep. So why wait? Let these flower fairies dance into your daughter's dreams and make bedtime a fairy tale come true!

Find The Flower Fairy Quilt here.

Fairyland Quilt Pattern by Kids Quilts

Fairyland Quilt Pattern by Kids Quilts.

Fairyland Quilt Pattern by Kids Quilts is a magical creation fit for your little one's space. With fairies, dragonflies, and mushrooms adorning this quilt, it's ready to sprinkle a generous dose of fairytale magic into any room.

Measuring 168cm x 215cm (66" x 84½"), this beautiful single/twin bed quilt is the perfect size to envelop your little one in a cozy cocoon of enchantment. Whether they're snuggled up for storytime or drifting off to dreamland, this quilt is sure to bring joy and whimsy to their world.

With full instructions included, creating this quilt is as easy as waving a magic wand (well, almost—don't forget the fabric!). So why wait? Let the Fairyland Quilt Pattern whisk you away to a world of fairytales, where every dream is a new adventure. After all, who says fairytales are just for bedtime stories?

Find the Fairyland Quilt Pattern here.

A Tale Of Two Gnomes Downloadable Pattern by Cotton Street Commons

A Tale Of 2 Gnomes Downloadable Pattern by Cotton Street Commons.

Get ready for a double dose of gnome-tastic fun with "A Tale of 2 Gnomes Downloadable Pattern" by Cotton Street Commons! With finished quilt sizes of 60" x 72", this pattern offers two enchanting quilts to add a "Gnomey" feel to your home.

Have fun with various colored fabrics to bring out your personal preference, and cozy up with gnomes and funky mushrooms. This quilt is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your space. 

But wait, there's more! The second quilt is all about Christmas cheer, and the gnomes swap their mushroom friends for festive Christmas trees. It's the perfect way to deck the halls with a touch of gnome-inspired holiday magic.

Find the A Tale Of 2 Gnomes Downloadable Pattern here

Wolf Song Downloadable Pattern by Pine Tree Country Quilts

Wolf Song Downloadable Pattern by Pine Tree Country Quilts.

Get ready to howl with delight with the "Wolf Song Downloadable Pattern" by Pine Tree Country Quilts! As someone who's always had a soft spot for wolves, I can't help but admire their symbolism of loyalty, understanding, and strong family ties—qualities that resonate deeply, especially coming from a large family like mine.

In this quilt pattern, a 1-yard panel takes center stage, surrounded by simple star blocks and angled strips crafted with quick-corner triangles. It's like the ultimate quilting adventure, where every stitch brings you closer to the heart of the wolf's song.

Featuring fabrics from the Wolf Song collection by QT Fabrics, this quilt is not just a project—it's a journey through the wilderness, guided by the spirit of the wolf. And with an intermediate skill level, it's perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and unleash their creativity.

With a finished size of 59 inches x 71 inches, this quilt is the perfect size to snuggle up on chilly nights or proudly display as a testament to your quilting prowess. So, let the wolf song guide your stitches and embark on a quilting adventure like no other. After all, quilting is more than just a hobby—it's a howling good time!

Find the Wold Song Downloadable Pattern here

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