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H. Corinne Hewitt grew up on a farm on the edge of the Moose Mountains, northwest of Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada. Corinne’s passions are quilting, designing quilt and embroidery patterns, writing historical novels, as well as collecting antiques. Patriotic designs are her favorite patterns to make and she has quite a few, one in which is her best seller: “Lest We Forget” When Corinne started writing novels in 2015, she also began a series of patterns that pertain to the series she wrote. There are 30 patterns for the Abbington Pickets Series, including hand embroidery ones which was inspired by the photo’s she took of her characters. Corinne and her husband, Kenny, farm with her dad as well as their son on the family farm. They have four grown children and six grandchildren, with whom they love to spend time with.

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