“Bistro” Watercolor Quilt Kit

“Bistro” Watercolor Quilt Kit

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OOh-la-la! An authentic French Bistro; the embodiment of a centuries-old love of gourmet food. Designed by Lois Gerig, this incredible bed sized quilt/wall hanging eminates a warmth that will make you feel at home. As you walk into view… the table reveals a sampling of French-accented fare. Seat yourself, scan the pastries atop the linens; the likes of almond, lemon, and Napoleon tarts. The waiter arrives with a platter of three classics: goat’s cheese, bleu cheese, and brie. He offers escargot, onion soup, coq au vin, or steak au poivre. Enjoy an after-dinner crème brulee as you watch the young boy pass by from the old fishing hole, catch of fish and puppy in tow. Finished size is approximately 60″ x 45″ without border. Border available.

All kits include: Dark, medium, and light die-cut watercolor fabrics, necessary applique fabrics and patterns, along with detailed instructions and a color photo.

Whims Recommends using Quilt Grid to speed up the process of sewing the background squares together.
using Whims Quilt Kits with Quilt Grid makes it easy for both beginners and advanced quilters to create a beautiful Water Quilt.