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Everyone has a story. My name is Julie. In 2001 I lost my identity. Up until then, I was Julie the Agronomist. I loved Ag, loved working with farmers, helping them achieve their crop goals. Upper management in the ag industry however, did not appreciate females in field-active roles. It took a few years to figure this out and realize I must move on.

Something in me told me this was a blessing, but now what, “who was I”? It was time to dig deep and figure out who “Julie” truly was. And that began my soul searching. It was a dark depressing time, but also necessary. Out the other side of the darkness, came the creative Julie that I had pushed back for so long. My creative river began to flow again, I dug out my sewing machine that my Mom had given me as a college graduation gift and I began to stitch.

Every small business starts with nothing but an idea steeped in passion. Sometime after “listening” to my imagination and jumping back into my river of creativity, Patch Abilities pattern company came into its existence.

Today, I’m grateful beyond words. I’m a mom to 2 great boys and living life by my own design. By intention, Patch Abilities is a pattern company that specializes in creating “approachable patterns that invite beginners into this soul-satisfying hobby of quilting”. I love creating small applique designs (6” x 22, 6” x 12, etc.), with minimal basic sewing, and simple designs to applique, so a beginner can do it and not “screw it up”. I write our patterns with simple yet complete instructions (reversed, bold templates and even binding directions), so that anyone can pick it up and create the cute design without frustration, no matter what their skill level is. Consider yourself invited to create and live fearless.

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