Pigma Microperm Pen  .25mm Size 01 - BLACK

Pigma Microperm Pen .25mm Size 01 - BLACK

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Every facet of fine line detailing and permanence is incorporated into this pen to execute writing in micro-spaces or on unusual and challenging surfaces.

Microperm is used to make precise long-lasting marks wherever there is a need for waterproof ink that will write on non-porous surfaces.

Microperm features:

*Chemically stable, and waterproof

*Low odor and fulfills non-toxicity requirements

*Permanent adherence to most surfaces

*A fine line nib with a protected tip that will not split

*Writes on diamonds, glass, wood, cellophane, plastic and glossy sheets, CDs, photographic and x-ray film, paper and metal

*Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces