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Hi there! My name is Lisa and I’m the face behind the brand Andrie Designs (pronounced Anne-Dree). Born and raised in New Zealand my husband and I, along with our two beautiful daughters, now call Queensland, Australia home. Since my mum taught me to sew at a very young age, I have enjoyed the craft immensely and dabbled in all sorts of applications of it. Throughout my teenage years, I also seemed to develop a wee fascination with handbags and collected many…. Perhaps too many…

A few years ago, when our girls were quite young, I was looking for an insulated lunch bag pattern and after searching and searching, could not find what I was looking for anywhere. A friend suggested I draft my own and following that, then suggested I type the pattern up into a published document and see if anyone would be interested in buying it! That was an experience in itself and a very big learning curve, but needless to say, things just grew and grew with more and more design ideas popping into my head, until I found myself well and truly established as a ‘pattern designer’.

At the start of 2017 I felt it was high time to change from my initial brand of two pretty poppets and undertake the exercise of re-branding to Andrie Designs (pronounced Anne-Dree).  And now, it’s onwards and upwards! I have sooooo many exciting ideas for you moving forward, and can’t wait to share them all!!

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