Top 10 Christmas Patterns

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Need some inspiration this holiday season? Want some awesome project ideas to use as gifts for your friends and loved ones? We have you covered! Here is a list of our favorite Christmas patterns to make in preparation for the winter festivities. We've picked an array of options that cover different difficulty levels, from beginner to more complicated endeavors, and with varying completion times - some you can do in just a few hours. You have so many wonderful winter options!
Christmas quilts, decorations, tree skirts, and other textile projects often become beloved and treasured family heirlooms. These patterns, once completed, certainly fit that bill - timeless creations that anyone can appreciate and admire.


Christmas Wishes

This festive quilt is the perfect project for the holidays. The finished project features alternating Christmas trees and gift boxes, and will look stunning hung on a wall or draped over a couch or bed! As you piece it together, you'll no doubt start to get into that holiday spirit!


Crazy Christmas Trees

Want something fun and a little funky, that won't take too terribly long to complete? This long pattern shows off four Christmas Trees in an alternating orientation arrangement, making it perfect to use as a table runner for your holiday dinners! The cheerful trees will accent the décor and bring some smiles to the room.


Bargello Christmas Tree Skirt

Make sure your Christmas Tree is as stylish as the rest of your home over the holiday season! This awesome pattern will assist you in making a tree skirt featuring a swirling pattern. Do it in traditional colors of red, white, and green for a classy look, or mix it up and use different hues of fabrics! As you sit down to open gifts, you'll get extra delight from this decoration!


So This Is Christmas

This lovely quilt shows off a traditional art style and is the perfect accent if you're going for a cozy cabin feel! It features tall trees and adorable reindeer. The appliqued deer are sure to please, and the elegant simplicity of the finished quilt make it ideal for gift-giving, too!


Holiday Tree Wreath Ornament

What would Christmas be without ornaments? And why not make your own? The perfect project for those bits of fabric you didn't have any plans for! This awesome pattern will help you put together some super cute wreath shaped decorations to hang from windows, your tree, or just about anywhere else. They'd also look awesome attached to gifts instead of a ribbon bow!


Classic Nutcrackers

This quilt is made up of twelve different holiday blocks, each featuring a different nutcracker, all in a variety of styles from different locations and with different histories. And as you work your way through this quilt, enjoy a recipe included with each block's pattern! The finished product - an absolutely stunning quilt - will be well worth the effort and is a uniquely fun undertaking!


Bah Humbug

Cat lovers will adore this winter project! Not too overwhelming, it will make a fine wall hanging or pillow. It shows off a sassy black cat... who maybe isn't so into the holiday spirit! The humorous Christmas cat wears an ugly sweater - a staple of the season - and sits amongst dangling ornaments. This finished piece makes a great gift for the feline fanciers in your life!


Oh! Christmas Tree Watercolor Kit

This colorful quilt is a super fun one to make! The kit helps you put together a lovely and unique scene of a Christmas Tree surrounded by presents. And because it's a kit, it includes what you need - watercolor fabrics, appliques, and patterns. When you're done constructing it, you can get busy personalizing it with your own baubles and buttons to truly decorate that tree!


Oh, Christmas Gnome Ornament

This little fella is the perfect project for someone who needs some décor or gift ideas. The pattern helps you make a little gnome friend who is ideal to give to friends and family, or hang on your own tree, door, or in a window! The decoration doesn't take up a ton of supplies, so it's a great way to use up fabrics or take a break between your bigger quilting projects. 


Winter Solstice

This elegant quilt is perfect if you want something more 'winter' than 'Christmas'. A subtle repeating pattern of trees forms a forest, and the wealth of textures used can make for a truly deep and eye-catching piece! Put the finished project on a bed or the couch, or hang it up on the wall. It will make an excellent and classy gift, too!


So there you have it! Lots of great suggestions for quilts, ornaments, tree skirts, and wall hangings to really make your house the perfect cozy Christmas destination. Whether you keep the finished results or give them as gifts, they are sure to become beloved heirlooms to show off each winter season!

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