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QBPN Now Sell Digital Patterns

Jacob Erdei |

For years we have been asked if we could sell digital patterns.  The truth is a lot of vendors were worried and rightly so about their work getting stolen and re-sold.

It's vital that artists get paid for their work to keep the quilting community alive and thriving.  Once a pattern is sold there is also the matter of tracking what sells and how much of it sells.

To this end.  We have worked on a few tech solutions that provide for instant downloads while still tracking all sales to the vendor and also tracking downloads to ensure the artist work is is not abused.

As of today we are slowly adding in several downloadable patterns a day to our website.  If you are out of the US you no longer need to pay those crazy high international shipping prices.  If you are in a hurry and need the pattern now,  you can instantly purchase a downloadable pattern.

All downloadable patterns can be found at -

Soon we will be adding in navigational options to sort as well for downloadable and digital patterns.


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